UKF3A Judging Exam

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UK F3A has generated this exam in order to help educate and qualify our judges.

This judging exam includes 30 questions from the question pool, with a required pass rate of 70%.

Please note that some questions may have more than one correct answer. Please select all correct answers.

It is strongly recommended that you re-read the Sporting Code (section 5B, pages 36-42), the Abbreviated Judging Guide, and the Manoeuvre Execution Guide before starting the exam.

Questions may also be taken from Part Five of the Sporting Code (pages 10-16).

There is no time limit, but there is no ability to save the exam.

Your input re the content of the exam is welcome, and you can query answers or submit new questions. To do so, please send an email to: Chief Judge, and include:

  • Full details of the question you are querying, or the new question
  • Please note that the question numbers change, so please supply full details of the question, not just the question number
  • If you believe a question is wrong or ambiguous, a full explanation of what you believe is wrong
  • The section of the Sporting Code that supports your query/new question

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