Brian’s name is embedded in the history of “Pattern” flying in this country and was a stalwart in raising the standard of flying by his continued efforts to compete internationally and encouragement for others to do the same, thereby putting Australia on the F3A world stage. Brian was passionate about F3A (and multiple other FAI categories) and achieved many titles and awards over his long involvement in the discipline.

I started to research Brian’s achievements, however his son Stephen has done much better justice to documenting those than I could ever hope to do, so with that in mind, I refer you to the following article Stephen has written to celebrate Brian’s’ lifetime of achievements. It’s an incredible read and I would encourage all to take the time and read to the end.

What I have done however, is summarised from Stephens’s article, the following key points which will humble most of us:

1971 Won F3A Nationals

1971 First Australian to enter and compete at F3A World Championships

1972 Partnership in Kraft Systems Australia

1973 Part of First Aussie three-man Team to F3A World Championships

1977 F3A World Championships

Main instigator of Kraft Masters

1991 Australian World Championship (Awarded FAI Air Medal)

APA Life Membership

1988 Instigated Asian Oceanic F3A Competition

1991 RCM News Magazine launched

From an official stand point, I have reached out to Stephen and passed on condolences on behalf of all APA members.

The family have advised they will conduct a private funeral and no flowers please.

I would encourage all those that knew Brian, or knew of what he achieved for F3A in Australia, to feel free to respond to this post offering memories of the great man (


John Tonks

APA President