Updated 26/5/2021.

Good afternoon everyone,

As you are aware, while some state members are able to get out and fly, others are restrained in their activity by COVID lockdown. We have reviewed and revised the Relegation freeze end date as below.

Existing Relegations are suspended from the 1st of April 2020 until the 1st of October 2021. The life of Retainers and Promotion Points earned prior to the 1st of April 2020 are extended by 18 months. Promotion Points and Retainers can continue to be earned as usual from the 1st of April 2020.

All valid Retainers and Promotion Points as of 01/04/2020 are extended by 18 months.

Promotion Points and Retainers earned after 01/04/2020 expire and take effect as per the normal rules.

If here in Victoria, as an example, we cannot fly until Christmas, there is time to practise and settle into Competition once again.

The second item of news is a change to Rule 6 of the APA rules – Flying out of class.

Current rule.

A competitor may compete in a higher class when his class is not being flown or when attempting to gain a National team place. Promotion points cannot be achieved if a competitor flies in a higher class. 

New rule.

A competitor may compete in a higher class when one of the following scenarios exist;

  1. When their class is not being flown.
  2. They are the only entrant in their nominated class.
  3. When attempting to gain a National team place.

In the case of scenario (2), there must be at least one competitor in the class before stepping up is permitted. If the competitor manages to attain a promotion point while flying in the higher class this will be credited towards their normal class promotion point tally. If there are multiple classes with a single entrant then the lowest class has priority to elect to fly in a higher class.

Note. A pilot that wants to fly in a higher class needs to be competent enough to fly in a safe and controlled manner. Also, the local CD will need to endorse this move on the grounds of safety. The competitor must still attain 3 promotion points in their designated class to gain a promotion.

Basis for Change

  • Unfortunately, we are all dealing with lower than normal competitor numbers. Running classes with a single entrant can be an inefficient use of time. This has an impact on everyone involved at the event.
  • Competition drives motivation and development.
  • All pilots should be recognised for their achievements. If a pilot gets the opportunity to compete in a higher class and fly’s to a standard high enough earning a promotion point then this should be recognised and awarded towards his current promotion tally in the class he normally competes in. (i.e. – a sportsman pilot who steps up to the advanced class and manages to gain a promotion point then this should be awarded to his current sportsman promotion tally)
  • Could improve competitor participation.


Bill Wheeler

APA Secretary

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