The New South Wales Pattern Flyers are holding the inaugural 2022 NSWPF 1000 event on the 9-10th of April 2022. There will be $1,000.00 prize money!

  • NSWPF 1000 is a 2 day aerobatics competition hosted at the Queanbeyan MAC, Hoskinstown Road via Bungendore NSW
  • Competition date is 9-10th April 2022
  • All classes (Sportsman, Advanced, Expert, F3A and Master) will be competing with at least 3 pilots in class, excluding Sportsman 
  • The current APA sanctioned schedules will be flown 
  • Entries limited to 30 pilots (one flight line)
  • All MAAA registered pilots are eligible to compete
  • Competition entry fee is $30.00 (including $5 donation to WC)
  • Entries accepted after 28th March 2022
  • Entries close Sunday 3rd April 2022
  • To enter go to:


  • The NSWPF 1000 is a fly-off competition that will follow a normal competition in accordance with APA Rules 
  • The normal competition must  have a result in accordance with APA competition rules (i.e. a minimum of two flights must be flown per class)
  • All pilots competing in the fly-off must comply with the technical regulations for radio controlled contests, F3A – Aerobatic Powered Model Aircraft (FAI Sporting Code)
  • To be eligible for the major prize, each class must have at least 3 competing pilots
  • At the end of the normal competition there will be a winner in each class 
  • The contest director will arrange for the random selection of 1 additional pilot from each class
  • The class winners and the randomly selected pilots will  be invited to fly in the fly-off round
  • A panel of judges will be selected to judge all fly-off flights
  • The raw score awarded for each flyoff pilot is calculated as a percentage of the average of the promotional raw score rounds awarded in the competition
  • The pilot with the highest percentage score is declared the winner of the $1000 prize
  • If the fly-off cannot proceed and the normal competition completed, the prize money will be awarded evenly to the 


Link to the official Flyer here.


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Mobile: 0428 880 633

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