The APA committee have given much consideration to the selection process of the next Australian F3A team. We anticipate the available team spots will be a hotly contested item in the lead up to the event considering it’s being held in Australia.

The team selection process will be as follows:

The selection process will take place over two events.

  • 2022  APA Championships 11-14th March 2022 - Albury, NSW.
  • 2022 Australian F3A Masters and World Cup 9-12 September 2022 - Casino, NSW.

The two-event format will encourage any prospective team members to develop and hone their skills and to maintain a solid practice regime. We hope this will encourage competitors to participate in more local events and possibly travel to other states for additional competition exposure.

The primary motivation for the change in format is to ensure the strongest possible team is selected and to encourage growth and development of the F3A discipline here in Australia. 

A combination of results from both events will determine the final team selection. The details of how this will be calculated are as follows:

Both events will start with the same winning score. Winner will receive 20 points, second to receive 19 points and so on down the placing list. The top 3 scores after both events will be offered a team position. If after the two events there is a tie in scores, the person with the higher placing at the Masters would take the higher placing on the final collated results from the two events. 

A no ‘Rain Cheque’ policy will be in existence. If a pilot can’t make an event for any reason, there is no means by which they can catch up or receive any preferential treatment. If there are more entrants at one event than the other the scoring system remains the same, with the allocation of scores ceasing with the final pilot. The top pilots will not be disadvantaged by there being less participants at one event. 

The committee will appoint an overseer of the scoring system. Points are only awarded to Australian competitors who have identified that they are participating in the team trial. Selection of junior and female competitors will follow a similar format depending on the number of entries received for these two categories.


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