2018 APA Masters and World Cup.

The Premier event on the Australian Precision Aerobatics Inc. calendar is the APA Masters and World Cup. Last year this was held at the Charles Kingsford-Smith Club in Pitt Town NSW, this year at the P&DARCS club in Victoria.

The event is open to all comers including any International fliers who wish to make the journey to Aus. Last year we had four international entrants plus four entrants from New Zealand. With the F3A World Championship being held in Argentina mid-way through 2017, only the Kiwis came across to keep our local fliers honest. Having said that, three of the Kiwis were Granddad, Dad and Grandson Ewan, Hamish and Sean Galloway flying in Expert, F3a and Sportsman respectively. The remaining Kiwi, Andrew Palmer was assisted by his wife and caller Suetonia Palmer. We also had a very special guest all the way from France, Roland Poidevin and his wife. Roland invented the new judging system, Notaumatics, which has revolutionized F3A judging and streamlined the scoring process enormously. Australia has been at the head of the World queue in adopting this system driven by Irish Queenslander James McAllen. The state organisations have all adopted the system for their local competitions. A suitable model was found for Roland and he flew in Expert.

The weather outlook could not have been better, low 30’s all weekend and low 20’s on Monday for the F3A class fly-off. The event attracted 41 entrants across all classes. Friday was all about practise, chin wagging, meeting up with old friends and getting the organisational side up and running. Although the competition flights would be on two flight-lines practise organized itself into an orderly queue and one flight-line. At the end of the day, pizzas had been organised by the APA Vice President Peter Pennisi from the local pizza emporium. These fed around 50 people who sat chatting all things aeromodelling while others undertook a little night flying with combat wings.

Saturday’s competition broke down as follows.

F3A 20 entrants

Expert 11 entrants

Advanced 6 entrants

Sportsman 4 entrants

After a short pilot’s briefing on Saturday morning, the competition is earnest at 9:20am with Sportsman combining with Advanced to complete two rounds. This followed with Expert completing two rounds the F3A who closed out the proceeds at 4:15pm. Saturday our VP Peter Pennisi had organized a local catering company to come along to P&DARCS and cook our evening meal; spit roast and salad/veggies. Methinks he’s got the job! As darkness descended on the proceeds, it was time for the auction. Sponsors of the event included Falcon, OMP, Model Sports and Precision Aero Products.


Sunday repeated Saturday’s plan completing the competition for all classes and setting up the top ten fliers in the F3A class who would fly the F schedule on Monday for the Masters trophy. Once the top 10 knew who they were, most left for either the SWAMPS field or Nepean field to practise the schedule.

Sunday is also the AGM of the APA. Nomination forms had previously been sent out and received back. Russell Edwards took over the meeting and the committee stepped down. All were reelected to their previous position and newcomer Durwin Dharmarajjoined the committee as an ordinary member. With the official business out of the way, it was feeding time. Sunday’s dinner saw the reheating of Pizza and carving of left over meat for rolls and sandwiches.

As predicted Monday’s weather was indeed cooler and windier then the preceding three days. With only ten fliers to work through only one flightline was in operation. Once again they fought their way through three rounds. To say the outcome was close would be an understatement. Glenn Orchard pipped Andrew Palmer to first place by 0.02 points! Overall a great event once again, well supported with entrants from around Australia. Next year is currently being planned for Queensland with three International fliers already stating their intentions of making the trek South. From the organisational side of things, James McAllen, Roland Poidevin and Artur Uzieblo ran the meeting behind the scenes faultlessly providing training in the Notaumatics system where required, and collating the scores for competitors to follow their progress throughout the event. Roll on 2019.



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