When I first booked my trip, there was to be 2 World Cup competitions between San Marino and before the World Championships. But these 2 competitions were cancelled or rescheduled, leaving me 2 weekends without competitions.

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San Marino

The San Marino comp was held at a field atop a hill, looking over the magnificent Mediterranean countryside and the Adriatic Sea. Additionally, behind the field was another magnificent view of the Città di San Marino and it’s ancient fortifications.

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Deelan - Netherlands

This competition was held at the Deelan Airforce base, which meant that access before the comp was a bit limited. Arthur and I were kindly invited to the Oss field, about 30kms from Deelan, where we spent a few terrific days training with Roy Oostema and Richard van Wÿk – many thanks to both these gentlemen.

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I had been told that Liechtenstein was “F3A Heaven”, and it certainly lived up to this reputation. Nestled amid the magnificent Swiss Alps, with majestic views in all directions, and adjacent to the Rhine, this club has it all. Superb facilities and superb hospitality, it was little wonder that the limited pilot positions for this completion filled very quickly, and had a waiting list.

Wolfgang Matt flying at Liechtenstein. 

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Bordeaux - France

The fabulous, world-famous, wine-making region of Bordeaux proved to be as beautiful and charming as it’s reputation, and we were very privileged to be invited to fly on a field in the winery owned by the Sartorius family.

The competition was run over 3 days with 5 flights for all pilots. First, 3 rounds of P15 for all pilots. Then the top 10 flew the last 2 rounds as F15, while the rest flew an additional 2 rounds of P15.

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