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Fantasista Build Part 4

Raw fuselage without the canopy came out at 952 gms which I am happy with. Now for the stabs.
Not happy with the design of the stabs where the section changes, there is absolutely no strength as the skins are all cut at that point and the spar it just 2mil balsa. Stupidly I did close up the stabs before fixing this problem but in the end I inserted a carbon strengthener from the underside. Sorry but I forgot to take a photo of this.

  • image005
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The stab is of the fully flying variety so it was very important to get the supports lined up exactly. After I lined up the fin using a square I made two little jigs to hold the stab tube exactly in place while the glue set. I inserted an arrow shaft I had into the bearings that are contained inside the carbon tube that is the carrier of the stab. There is another smaller shaft which just holds the stabs aligned with each other and fits through the curved slot in the fuselage.

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You can see the full cut in the sheets for the stab. Its crazy but luckily the wing is OK with only a small cut in the skin. The slot you can see in the bottom of one stab is the mounting point for the servo horn. The horn is glued into this slot after the stab is covered. The main stab tube is supported out board of the fuselage by two small ball bearings. The inner face of the stab actually envelopes this tube. The measurements for the tube must be exact so that the stab moves through ist full ark or motion without interference.

  • image013
  • image011

Wing skins where the next task. Each skin was made up and sanded as per the photo. Skins were prepared with a straight edge and lightly sanded for a perfect fit. Skins were glued with sandable aliphatic resin. Total weight of the four skins prior to use and trimming was 196 gms which will make for very light wings.

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Wings finished prior to cutting out and installation of ailerons and flaps 206 and 205 gms. Should make for pretty light wings.