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Fantasista Build Part 3

The Rudder was very simple as it was flat so could be laid up directly on the building board.

I don’t know what motor the kit was designed for but it wasn’t an OS belt drive using the conventional mounting method. I should have realised the mounting system or nose frame was incompatible before I glued it in but@#$%@#.

Anyway I had to modify the front as shown in the photos below.

As the OS mounts directly to the nose disk the bar across the front as shown above also had to go. However, the two square protrusions are used to locate the frame onto the glass/carbon nose so I had to devise an alternative method of locating it.

Not much of a photo but you can just see the two small nails I used as locators so I could cut out the front of the frame outboard of the square protrusions shown above.
Next task was mounting the undercarriage legs. T nuts on the underside of the legs and bolts thru from the top makes life easy.

Canopy base was next. Setting up the frame was pretty simple but actually glueing the carbon to the frame accurately was interesting!

Fuselage is almost finished now, just need to attach the top of the fin which I’m sure will inevitably be knocked off then sand and plane it all down and move on to the stabs. You will notice I also managed to plane off the end of my finger and make a contribution to the early colour selection on the fin.

Stay tuned, more coming!

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