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2017 World Championships 18th October 2017

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18th October 2017
Dear APA and the 2017 F3A team,
I don't know how to say this correctly, so I'll be direct.
I can't go to Argentina to compete at the 2017 F3A World Championships on the advice of Specialist Doctors. Clotting in my leg, likely as a result of a long haul flight arriving in Sydney on Tuesday moved to my lungs. The danger has passed, I'm now on medication to break down the remaining clots. I'll be fine, just not in time for Argentina. I wish both Dennis and Russell all the best, if it's windy, and it will be windy, get your base up, keep your speed up and keep your wings level at all costs. I was most looking forward to hanging out with the Australian and NZ teams. I must acknowledge Joe Costa, our Australian Team manager and Brian Dooley who took the burden of organisation. My Dad John Lysaght has been awesome, I threw him busted planes, gearboxes, all manner of radio configuration changes and they always returned ready to go, I simply couldn't and wouldn't have progressed to this point without him, he has stood at my shoulder on every flight I have ever done, amazing, amazing!
Australian team member, John Lysaght, 1975 World Championships, Bern Switzerland, 2 x Mach Ones
Regards Shayne Lysaght.