You can't do the same thing and expect a different answer

Author: Bill Bloodworth

It’s been 8 years since I attended the world championships, my last was Argentina in 2007 where Quique took outright honours but only won a single round, gives you some idea of how these things go down to the wire! If I’m correct it was the first time a Biplane was flown to win the event, and the first time a contra powered model was used. Since then the bipes have become mainstream and the dominance of YS has eroded to point where we see a wide range of power systems including glow, electric and contra options.

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Road to Zurich through GlennO’s eyes

Author: Glenn Orchard

For me it’s all about redemption.The past two WC have rendered disappointing results for me personally, so I’m determined to give myself every opportunity to achieve a result that is A- achievable and B - rewarding.

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