Day 8 - Bill's View

Well things are about to heat up here at the world champs, today was official practice and everything went smoothly, so only the main dance remains. After a week of practice in great conditions, and with plenty of feedback the team is well prepared. That said the flying standard of P looks to be very high so small things are going to make a difference.


One of the surprises for me so far has been the distance that the top pilots are flying. Most appear to be around the 160-170 mark and flying quite quickly. There is a huge number of contra aircraft but most of them are being used in a conventional manner out at similar distance.

Both flight lines have the sun inside the box in the morning session. It starts at about 30 degrees off centre when flying commences at 8am and exits the box around 11am. This will be quite a challenge particularly for the first 10 flights in the morning.

The Aussie teams draw looks to be reasonable and we will only have to deal with the sun on one flight each. The facilities at the site are first class and its obvious the organisers have put a great deal of thought and effort into hosting the event. This was evident in the well planned opening ceremony and excellent air show that that included amazing full size and RC aircraft.